archived live-webinars

#1 "Pangea and you" (click here to watch on YouTube)
When all the continents were together - in Pangea - the world of plants and animals changed.
Reptiles appeared, which gave rise to dinosaurs and birds.
Seed plants emerged, and covered the land in dense forests.
When Pangea finally broke up into many continents 200 million years ago, there was a profound re-arrangement of life.
Every feature of the natural world around you, has a long history behind its form and function!"
"What is this history?" "How do the forms and functions of plants and animals living today, reflect events in the deep past?"
What was the nature of this change, and how does it still affect us, today?

#2 "Know thy star, know thy planet" (click here to watch on YouTube)
Exoplanets and the stars they orbit are unimaginably far away. How can we *ever* understand what these alien worlds are made of, if we have little hope of seeing them directly and no hope at all of ever visiting them? Could any of them be like Earth? 
We will explore the latest techniques of how rocky planets around other stars can be understood better by looking at the compositions of the stars they orbit.
This kind of cutting edge work actually has a long history; we will discuss this history and consider how this growing knowledge puts our *own* Earth into a cosmic context!

#3 "Feathers and hair" (click here to watch on YouTube)
Life on Earth emerged in water.  The origin of life involves the origin of reproduction.  All reproduction requires a watery medium, yet how did life accommodate this strict requirement when it moved from the seas to the land? In this webinar, we will explore the idea that reproduction that began "in the pond" (i.e. in water, as with fish and amphibians) made the transition to land when life found a way to take bring the pond with it.
Find out how this happened by joining us in the discussion!