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Join me on a quest to learn more about the world around you. I am a leading geologist, educator, writer and researcher who has created high-level on demand content in a classroom-style setting. This online institute is dedicated to sharing the knowledge, tools and resources you will need to change your perspective of our place in the Universe and to also have fun in an inquiry-based way. We call our online platform the Collaborative for Research in Origins (CRiO). Indeed, it is collaborative, but it is also credible, creative and loaded with online content from a real researcher. Our online institute is an interactive video-based training program that goes beyond “inter-“ or “multi-“ disciplinary sciences, and instead recognizes that to understand the Earth and Planetary System requires a TRANS-disciplinary approach. The courses I have created will appeal to any passionate individual young or old who – with an open mind and an eagerness for asking questions – is ready to grow. I will challenge you, as I challenge myself, to understand how it all works, from evolution to rocks, to the origin of life and the possibility for life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond.

Courses and Lectures

A small investment in You, that pays enormous dividends

Searching for credible information from someone with the experience and credentials to help you learn? Know you are sharing an online educational experience with a researcher active in Originsscience who can tie together disparate ideas into a coherent narrative. As a University Professor at an AAU Tier 1 Research Institution, I have helped over 4000 students in 20+ years of teaching to achieve their goals.

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Membership offers you instant access to on-demand lectures and other materials as they are produced. Course presentations are provided in video lecture format, and are scheduled to be released in weekly module sets. We offer high-level content with one click, as well as downloadable resources that include supplementary reading materials and problem sets. The courses also include scheduled interactive components akin to "office hours" where your Professor answers questions and offers advice and insights. Live recitations are also offered.

How it works

You will learn why Earth looks the way it does, and why it is different from its neighboring planets (Venus, Mars). What is the origin, structure, composition and dynamics of the Earth? What is the chemical make-up of the materials that compose the planet, their mechanical properties and how they operate and interact in different processes (e.g. weathering, denudation, plate tectonics, volcanism, metamorphism, etc.) Here, we will learn to examine the evolution of the Earth System through geologic time. We will focus on major events in Earth history as recognized in the geological record.

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