May, 2021

Exploring the early Earth with "geological time capsules" 

Currently visiting: In March 2021, Stephen Mojzsis joined the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy as Ida Pfeiffer Professor. In his work, the Professor of Geology at the University of Colorado explores the fundamental physical and chemical aspects that govern the potential for a planet to harbor life in our solar system and beyond, with an eye towards exoplanets. Back on Earth, he studies the formation of our planet in its first 600 million years during the so-called Hadean eon and how it subsequently evolved to its present state. In his analyses, he also revealed that water existed even during these early times of Earth - and possibly also life.


June, 2020

TV SHOW: H2O: The Molecule That Made Us 

H2O: The Molecule That Made Us is a 3-hour series from WGBH Boston. The film dramatically reveals how water underpins every aspect of our existence. Segments from across the planet, intimate documentary and natural history cinematography combine to uncover dramatic discoveries and compelling characters and deliver important stories about this mysterious molecule.

Also available to watch on amazon prime.