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Share your enthusiasm for knowledge with those who hunger for it but lack the resources to participate.

Nobody should be left behind through circumstances beyond their control. 

Sponsorships inspires and makes possible for some people, what was previously out of reach.

Share engagement in the world. Watch eager minds grow.

Help to make a difference to those who want to learn, but otherwise cannot, anywhere in the world.

Invest in the power of knowing

Your investment in our program will yield high dividends for those in need. Starting at the $10,000 level, your generous donation will create 10 scholarships for students with demonstrated financial hardship for an Annual membership with all the same accessibility as anyone else.

You will be invited for recognition in our Circle of Sponsors.

Depending on the level of your commitment, your status grants you access to CRiO-only events such as special lectures, inspired gifts, exclusive topical workshops and field conferences.

Beginning at the $10,000 level, you help us employ everything we’ve got: our platform to the world community.

We’re providing a fundamental need that is just not available anywhere else: access to education from a top researcher, and dignified learning for students domestically and abroad without the "entertainment" and "show-biz" approach. So when you sponsor our product, you supporting authenticity and unabashedly reliable content.

Together, we are improving lives: our mission is to bring the scientific world view to every person in the world.

You can provide a life-changing gateway to someone with a smarter future.

1.Select your sponsorship level


  1. - You will receive one annual access pass to our online learning institute
  2. - invitations to special online events, and CRiO-inspired gifts
    - One scholarship for a person in demonstrated need


  1. - Benefits of the previous levels of sponsorship, plus...
  2. - Five years of membership
  3. - invitations to special online learning events including stand-alone lectures
    - Support of Five scholarships


  1. - Benefits of the previous levels of sponsorship, plus...
  2. - Lifetime membership
  3. - invitations to live events such as workshops on special topics
    - Support of Ten scholarships


  1. - All the benefits of the previous levels of sponsorship, plus...
  2. - An invitation to one of our annual Sponsors' Circle Worldwide 2-day meetings in Denver (October), Tokyo (March) and Vienna (June)
    - Ability to participate in a CRiO field workshop with working researchers
  3. - for every $25.000 more you can sponsor, 10 scholarships are created 

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