why join

4 reasons why the CRiO online institute is the best choice for You:


➤ We are here because we desire to seek out and share knowledge just for the pleasure of doing so. People like you who are curious about science do this because they want to know the answers to the mysteries of the natural world.



➤ Credibility in science is based on the method-based investment of working towards a reliable and testable picture of how the universe works. Ingenuity, experience, and perception are decisive in this endeavor, but there is no substitute for meticulous effort and healthy skepticism. 



➤ Science creates in ways that differ from the humanities and its disciplines art, music, and literature. These are inspired toward innovation by using imagination to portray the real or imagined. Scientists instead build explanations by linking together bits of information in a way that makes sense - to construct what are known as theories - that have the power to predictively guide our search for more. Science and Art are complementary, but intrinsically different in world view. A talented and balanced individual learns to embrace both.


Cutting edge

➤ We strive to be at the leading edge of ideas by harnessing our creativity via credible sources, that feed our curiosity to know more.