How is the CRiO online institute different than other online courses?

➤ CRiO is a natural science oriented, purpose-driven and transformative platform to learn complex ideas in a new and fun way. We deeply care about you — our students. What you gain can be woven into your everyday experience.

We’re constantly updating and improving every aspect of our curriculum.


Here's what students have had to say about their own experiences.

“After I completed his class at the University of Colorado, I signed up for every other course that he taught afterwards! He makes science fun and understandable, and has a great sense of humor!”
D. Trail, Boulder, CO and Rochester, NY (USA)

“I have learned so much from Stephen. I am excited about science and listening to Stephen talk brings complex ideas into focus for me. I was lucky to meet him in person and have had incredible deep conversations about nature that brought my level of understanding to a higher level.”
M. Blank, Stockholm, Sweden

“I have attended lectures presented by Professor Dr. Mojzsis at several public events. His enthusiasm and the way he articulates geology, astronomy and biology all together into a coherent narrative is unique.
Furthermore, I saw several television shows that featured his work, including PBS-Nova and BBC-The Planets, that were truly outstanding thanks to his contributions. Recently, he was the opening presenter on the PBS program "H2O - the molecule that made us"; it literally took my breath away.
I am very thankful that Steven created this online institute, so I will be able to continue to learn and to look at the world we live in with different eyes."
S. Harman, Boulder, Colorado

“We (my husband and I) are just starting the journey with Stephen but we already know we will go along with him. The way he presents is great, he makes geology interesting and inspiring, and the graphics are also superb. I can recommend the program to anyone. I guess Steve is a great guy in person as well.”
E. Matliak, Budapest, Hungary


How much time do I need to commit to this?

If you plan to work through the live program in real time, we recommend between 1-4 hours per week to watch the training, complete your growth assignments and engage with our office hours and live meetings.

Many of our students go through the program as best they can; pausing and returning to it as their schedule allows. You choose to complete every piece of coursework at a pace that is right for you.

➤ If you’re not able to carve out that much time, don’t worry. As a member you get unlimited access to the training and can easily work within your schedule. This experience is designed to be enjoyed and to stimulated your own questions.


Will this work if I'm outside of North America or Europe?

➤ Definitely. We have students in many countries and territories. It goes without saying that the skills, tools and confidence you’ll develop from this experience are transformative, transferrable and will benefit you for a lifetime.


How long will I have access to the program?

➤ You’re a CRiO member as long as you subscribe. You can retake the program any time, for as long as the program exists.


How does the CRiO online institute work?

Visit the ORIENTATION PORTAL, click here.