​​Learn from a leading scientist about the history of the Earth and the Origins of the natural world.

Our online institute is an interactive video-based training program.

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What is the CRiO online institute?

CRiO is an international online education program with the highest standards for content and quality from a recognized researcher who is deeply active in cutting-edge research.

The CRiO online institute is composed of a weekly interactive video-based training program in a classroom-style setting that appeals to any passionate individual who wants more knowledge and more understanding of the scientific world view.

How it works

CRiO online institute offers you instant access to on-demand lectures and other materials as they are produced. We offer high-level content with one click.

Video Lessons

Course presentations are provided in video lecture format, and are scheduled to be released in weekly module sets. Each video averages about 30 minutes.

Downloadable Resources

We offer downloadable resources such as supplementary readings, study sheets or other materials.


Another unique aspect of our course are scheduled interactive times akin to "office hours" and "recitations". Your Professor will answer your submitted questions.

What you will learn

​​Program Overview

What is the origin, structure, composition and dynamics of the Earth? What is the chemical make-up of the materials that compose the planet, their mechanical properties and how they operate and interact in different processes (e.g. weathering, denudation, plate tectonics, volcanism, metamorphism, etc.) over millions of years to yield the planet we know today?

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Is the CRiO online institute right for me?

Is your passion to acquire better scientific knowledge of the natural world? To gain a firmer grasp of new research as it unfolds? To understand what these discoveries actually mean? Or perhaps even to get advice on how to navigate the difference between the mythological world view and the scientific world view?

Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, budding scientist, active researcher, armchair enthusiast, retiree, consultant or artist of life, the CRiO online institute offers you the credible content you have been looking for. CRiO does this without the irrelevant bells and whistles and philosophical arguments, and gets right to what matters in the subject.

Students are raving!

“After I completed his class at the University of Colorado, I signed up for every other course that he taught afterwards! He makes science fun and understandable, and has a great sense of humor!”


D. Trail

Boulder, CO & Rochester, NY

“I have attended lectures presented by Professor Dr. Mojzsis at several public events. His enthusiasm and the way he articulates geology, astronomy and biology all together into a coherent narrative is unique.
Furthermore, I saw several television shows that featured his work, including PBS-Nova and BBC-The Planets, that were truly outstanding thanks to his contributions. Recently, he was the opening presenter on the PBS program "H2O - the molecule that made us"; it literally took my breath away.
I am very thankful that Steven created this online institute, so I will be able to continue to learn and to look at the world we live in with different eyes."


S. Harman

Boulder, CO (USA)

“I have learned so much from Stephen. I am excited about science and listening to Stephen talk brings complex ideas into focus for me. I was lucky to meet him in person and have had incredible deep conversations about nature that brought my level of understanding to a higher level.”


M. Blank

Stockholm, Sweden

This online institute is dedicated to sharing the knowledge, tools and resources you will need to change your perspective of our place in the Universe and to also have fun in an inquiry-based way.

We call our online platform the
Collaborative for Research in Origins (CRiO). Indeed, it is collaborative, but it is also credible, creative and loaded with online content from a real researcher.

Prof. Dr. Stephen Mojzsis

Who teaches the courses?

The CRiO online institute is exclusively offered to you by Prof. Dr. Stephen Mojzsis, a leading geologist, educator, writer and researcher.

Besides his active engagement in research and publication of scientific results, he is a science communicator.

His outreach activities include numerous television interviews and documentaries such as the PBS programs Nova, H2O-the molecule that made us, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, as well many others in the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan and elsewhere in the world.

He regularly participates in research lectures at professional conferences and workshops, and holds public presentations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Research from his laboratory group and collaborators is regularly published in professional journals including Nature, Science, the Astrophysical Journal, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Astrobiology, Lithos and many others.

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You might have heard about me ...

PBS ~ BBC ~ NHK and other TV programs ~ Nature ~ Science ~ National Geographic ~ Discover ~ Sky & Telescope

Course Schedule

Course 1 “History of the Earth System” consists of 4 seasons.

Season Premier

10 lectures over 10 weeks.

Earth as a dynamic system
release scheduled for January 2024

Season 2

10 lectures over 10 weeks.

Diversity of life - biological evolution
release scheduled for May 2024

Season 3

10 lectures over 10 weeks.
Habitable Earth
release scheduled for September 2024

Season Finale

5 lectures in 5 weeks.
Changing oceans, changing climates - prelude to the modern world
release scheduled for January 2025

What is next?

Course 1 is a one year long lecture-based course. Following the completion of Course 1, we will offer weekly video-logs leading up to the screening of Course 2,

“Life in the universe”.

The video-logs consist of
current hot topics in the science of Origins. These will be recorded and available for you on demand.

Course 2 "Life in the universe" is earmarked for release in early to mid 2025.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start and how do I need to plan? 

Enrollment is open now. https://crio.space/join
You sign up, fill out the registration and choose a subscription that works for you. Request more info at contact@crio.space

Course One, History of the Earth System begins on Thursday, January 11th, 2024That's when Season Premier: “Earth as a dynamic system" will be released in the Member Area, 1 lecture every week.

Once you are a member, you can choose to go at your own pace throughout the year.

Schedule for 2024:

  • Season Premier followed by spring break

  • Season 2 followed by summer break

  • Season 3 followed by fall break

  • Season Finale followed by winter break

* Click here for detailed schedule of courses & lectures.

* To keep the momentum going, during breaks you will receive relevant supplementary materials and informative resources.

Course 1 is a one year long lecture-based course. Following the completion of Course 1, we will offer weekly video-logs leading up to the screening of Course 2, “Life in the Universe”. The video-logs consist of current hot topics in the science of Origins. These will be recorded and available for you on demand. Course 2 is earmarked for release mid 2025.

You can start Course 1 any time.

Each complete course consists of 35 lectures that average about 27-30 minutes, each. If you begin your membership in Spring 2024, you will have access to a full library of content at your fingertips. Although it is not required, we recommend that you watch each lecture in sequence as each builds upon the previous material. New material will be released weekly. Enrollment for the 1 year course closes May 2024. Starting in June, we offer a half year membership.

What is included in a membership?

  • instant access to on-demand lectures and other materials as they are produced

  • downloadable resources that include supplementary reading and other materials

  • scheduled interactive "office hours" where your Professor answers questions and offers advice and insights

  • live recitations

  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee for monthly plan or student plan

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee for annual plan

  • Unlimited viewing on all your devices

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods. If an annual subscriber cancels, you will have access until the end of the paid billing period.

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Why join

4 reasons why the CRiO online institute
is the best choice for You:


We are here because we desire to seek out and share knowledge just for the pleasure of doing so. People like you who are curious about science do this because they want to know the answers to the mysteries of the natural world.


Credibility in science is based on the method-based investment of working towards a reliable and testable picture of how the universe works. Ingenuity, experience, and perception are decisive in this endeavor, but there is no substitute for meticulous effort and healthy skepticism. 


Science creates in ways that differ from the humanities and its disciplines art, music, and literature. These are inspired toward innovation by using imagination to portray the real or imagined. Scientists instead build explanations by linking together bits of information in a way that makes sense - to construct what are known as theories - that have the power to predictively guide our search for more. Science and Art are complementary, but intrinsically different in world view. A talented and balanced individual learns to embrace both.

Cutting edge

We strive to be at the leading edge of ideas by harnessing our creativity via credible sources, that feed our curiosity to know more.

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