how it works

Want to learn from a leading researcher, award-winning teacher and eminent scholar? 


Learn firsthand from a qualified, credentialed and cutting-edge researcher you would otherwise not have access to outside of a university class

  1.  Inexpensive
  2.  Incorporates supplementary materials, recitations and “office hours”
  3.  High-quality, high-content video


What is CRiO not about? 

  1. Not about “entertainment value” or “politics”
  2.  Not about someone’s “personal philosophy” or “how to be creative”
  3.  Not about “how to think” or “what to think”
  4.  Not about “belief” but understanding


The CRiO online institute is for YOU. You are the person who wants to build on what you already know and enhance it further by working with someone who actively researches the natural world, and wants to share the journey.


How it works

Membership offers you instant access to on-demand lectures and other materials as they are produced. Course presentations are provided in video lecture format, and are scheduled to be released in weekly module sets. We offer high-level content with one click, as well as downloadable resources that include supplementary reading materials and problem sets. The courses also include scheduled interactive components akin to "office hours" where your Professor answers questions and offers advice and insights. Live recitations are also offered.


What is CRiO online institute? 

CRiO is an international online education program for curious individuals with the passion to learn more and the highest standards for content and quality from a recognized researcher. The CRiO online institute was created in 2020.

The CRiO online institute is composed of a weekly interactive video-based training program that appeals to any passionate individual who want more knowledge and more understanding in the scientific world. Each course contains about 35 weeks of content.

Whether you’re brand new to science or established and ready to grow, CRiO online institute will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to teach you and learn to understand.

You can be anywhere in the world at any time of day to take a CRiO online institute class.

CRiO courses are accessible using your phone, tablet or computer. At your leisure, the videos and supplementary materials can be opened by you whenever you want.

Membership will allow you to learn about the origin and evolution of Earth and life from our first production the Earth System History module, the search for life on other worlds from the Extraterrestrial Life course, how the elements came to be in Introduction to Cosmochemistry, and future courses planned in Geobiology, Origin of the Moon and Water in the Universe

Whether you are an aspiring scientist, or a self-educated person you will learn details about the physical and chemical universe from Professor Stephen Mojzsis. Our course content is ever-expanding; this is the chance for you to learn from a world-renowned researcher that you would otherwise have to pay exorbitant tuition costs to attend in person.

CRiO is your opportunity to learn online from a top scientist you would not otherwise have access to.


How does CRiO online institute work?

CRIO online institute trainings are released in weekly modules with easy-to-follow videos, resource lists, and (Fun) Sheets. All of the training is online inside a private, CRiO member only site. Students can view the training videos.

CRiO online institute also includes interactive components like “Office Hours” where Professor Stephen Mojzsis answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you’re a CRiO member as long as you subscribe. You can retake the program any time, for as long as the program exists.

For more information on CRIO online institute, and to preview the curriculum, go to the program schedule here.


Is the CRiO online institute right for me?

CRiO online is for the inquisitive aspiring scientist, those with creative minds and thirst for learning more about the world around us, it is for the self-taught, the talented and the iconoclast who is always questioning: “How do we know that?”, “How little do we actually know?” and “Can we ever know such a thing?” CRiO is the appropriate place for those who want to learn at their own speed, without the confines of brick-and-mortar, and with content and quality over mere entertainment.

Unlike similar programs, CRiO is designed to provide high-end content from the Natural Sciences (Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology) to inventive and inspired professionals.

Ours is an enormous niche that remains essentially unfilled, until now.

Most other online courses help students learn artistic, entertainment, writing or business skills (either from a practical or impractical viewpoint). Those that do offer high-end content in the sciences are not instructed by someone who is an extremely active researcher in cutting-edge analysis. This is not a class offered by an entertainer, a retiree or a television personality; this is the real thing.

CRiO is designed to reach those who prefer to learn from anywhere at any time. Although the online platform is virtually classroom-based, it cannot substitute for in-person meetings like in a traditional lecture hall.


Is your passion scientific knowledge of the natural world? Of new research information as it emerges in the scientific literature? Or perhaps even advice on how to navigate the difference between the mythological world view and the scientific world view? Whether you’re an budding scientist, active researcher, armchair enthusiast, retiree, consultant or artist of life, the CRiO online institute offers you the credible content you have been looking for without the irrelevant bells and whistles, and gets right to what matters in the subject.

Each video averages about 40 minutes, which is enough to get into the details. Individual classes are planned to be composed of upwards of 30 to 40 videos that are on-demand at all times. Individual videos are standalone productions, but tie in to previous topics and future themes to create a coherent narrative that you can watch again and again during your membership period.

CRiO online institute will teach you how to fully leverage your understanding. Outside of the ivory tower, it is very difficult to find this information

Mostly, the professor speaks directly to you in the camera with simultaneous images and spliced material. Key concepts are presented and real scientific data are discussed and interpreted. Recitations glean questions sent in from students for discussion and answers presented. Office hours offer video Q&A with the instructor.

The CRiO classes are taken on your own time since you may view them on your mobile device or computer at any time with the class portal.

Each CRiO online institute course comes with regularly updated background material, supplementary problems and literature to enrich your understanding. This is the real thing.

Brief summaries of the key points are provided in the introduction of each video. Furthermore, you may take notes and consider sending in queries for the Recitation and Office hours sections.

CRiO offers many different membership levels, including different kinds of Sponsorship some of which includes access to the lifetime of the courses. We always allow active members to to retrieve videos of any material that is uploaded. The platform has Regular and Student membership options, along with applications for Scholarships from those with demonstrated need that will cover up to 100% of tuition. CRiO is for everyone.


Who teaches CRiO online institute? 

CRiO online institute is led by Professor Stephen Mojzsis, the #1 geologist. Stephen's mission is to share his knowledge, tools and resources you will need to change your perspective of our place in the Universe and to also have fun in an inquiry-based way.

CRiO members can ask questions and get feedback during monthly “Office Hours” calls with Stephen.


When does CRiO online institute start? 

CRiO online institute enrollment starts as soon as you sign up, fill out the registration and choose a subscription that works for you. Once you are a member, you can start immediately and choose to go at your own pace throughout the year, or join hundreds of other enrollees and finish each training modules in just 35 weeks. 

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