how it works

Want to learn from a leading researcher, award-winning teacher and eminent scholar?

Learn firsthand from a qualified, credentialed and cutting-edge researcher who actively publishes in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. You would otherwise not have access to such an experience outside of a lecture room at a top-tier research university.

  1.  Inexpensive

  2.  Incorporates relevant supplementary materials, informative recitations and “office hours”

  3.  High-quality, high-content videoso

What is CRiO not about?

  1. Not about “entertainment value” or “politics”

  2. Not about someone’s “personal philosophy” or “how to be creative”

  3. Not about “how to think” or “what to think”

  4. Not about “belief” but understanding

  • The CRiO online institute is designed for YOU. You are a the kind of person who wants to build on what you already know and enhance it further by working with someone who researches the natural world every day.

How it works

CRiO online institute offers you instant access to on-demand lectures and other materials as they are produced. Course presentations are provided in lecture format, and are scheduled to be released in weekly module sets with easy-to-follow videos. We offer high-level content with one click, as well as downloadable resources that include supplementary readings and learn sheets. The courses also include scheduled interactive components akin to "office hours" where the Professor answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment. Live recitations are also offered. Join the CRiO science lounge & Happy Hour in your private member area.o

In a nutshell, here is what you get:

➤ Video Lessons
Course presentations are provided in video lecture format, and are scheduled to be released in weekly module sets. Each video averages about 30 minutes.

➤ Downloadable Resources
We offer downloadable resources that include supplementary reading, learn sheets and other materials.

➤ Live-Sessions
Another unique aspect of our course are scheduled interactive times akin "office hours" and "recitations". Your Professor will answer your submitted questions.
Click here to view a schedule of upcoming live-sessions

Plus, you’re a CRiO member as long as you subscribe. You can retake the program any time, for as long as the program exists.o

When can I start and how do I need to plan?

➤ Course 1 “History of the Earth System” comprises 4 seasons.

Season Premier: 10 lectures over 10 weeks; 
Earth as a dynamic system; release scheduled for January, 2024
Season 2:
10 lectures over 10 weeks; 
Diversity of life - biological evolution; release scheduled for May, 2024
Season 3:
10 lectures over 10 weeks; 
Habitable Earth; release scheduled for September, 2024
Season Finale:
5 lectures in 5 weeks; 
Changing oceans, changing climates - prelude to the modern world;
 release scheduled for January, 2025
Click here for detailed schedule of courses & lectures

➤ When you enroll January 2024, you will have access to:
Season Premier followed by spring break.
Season 2 followed by summer break.
Season 3 followed by fall break break.
Season Finale followed by winter break.
To keep the momentum going, during breaks you will receive relevant supplementary materials and informative resources.

➤ Course 1 is a one year long lecture-based course. Following the completion of Course 1, we will offer weekly video-logs leading up to the screening of Course 2, “Life in the universe”. The video-logs consist of current hot topics in the science of Origins. These will be recorded and available for you on demand. Course 2 "Life in the Universe" is earmarked for release mid 2025.

➤ You can start Course 1 any time.
Each complete course consists of 35 lectures that average about 30 minutes, each. If you begin your membership in February, March, April or May 2024, you will have access to a full library of content at your fingertips. Although it is not required, we recommend that you watch each lecture in sequence as each builds upon the previous material. Enrollment for the 1 year course closes May 2024. 
New material will be released weekly. Enrollment for 1 year course closes May 2024. Starting in June, we offer a half year membership.

Start today!

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